Summer Youth: Meet Ms. Padilla

Instructor Padilla (1st lf) critiques youth in the design of trend and inspiration boards.

Meet the Instructor:
Cynthia Padilla, instructor of fashion and fiber arts related workshops, graduated California State University Los Angeles, with graduate work in Surface Design at UCLA. Thus began a 20+ year career in every aspect of the fashion biz from grueling beginnings doing piece work one winter in a dim cold sewing factory in Los Angeles’ garment industry to being pinned into garments as a fit model for a fashion house. Freelance work as fashion a illustrator lead to work as textile artist then textile designer/colorist for apparel and home interiors on both USA coasts and then internationally.

Travel included seasonal research to the major fashion centers of Paris, New York, Milan…hip trend centers such as London and Monte Carlo…color inspiration in the Greek isles, the Caribbean, Santa Fe… and for pattern design inspiration…tiny shops in Bangkok, Jaipur, Guatemala.

Padilla calls on these experiences to guide young enthusiasts to engage beyond the art-making aspect of fashion but also to navigate this audience through subtle lessons in team building, embracing world cultures, lively debate, time management, meeting deadlines, oral presentation, creative writing, math and measuring, etiquette and civility, event planning, brain storming, dispensing and accepting critique, and the ability to work both independently and as part of a diverse group.

Padilla seamlessly weaves these principles throughout the Fashion Arts camps and classes. Young artists emerge with much more than a portfolio collection of sketches and drawings.

Young Fashionistas are Saying:
Angela, 8th grade, said...
“This class was so helpful and fun! When I started out I was just drawing shapeless clothing on thin air but now I have improved so much in only 5 days! Thanks so much :)

Caitlyn, 5th grade, said...
“This camp has taught me more about fashion than any website or book. I really had the best time of my life.”

Peyton, 10th grade, said...
“When I came to this class I didn't know very much about the fashion world. This class has helped me prepare for my future as a fashion designer and was so much fun! :) this class was very helpful and absolutely FABULOUS!”

Taylor, 11th grade, said...
“The class is college level, she is a magnificent teacher. I'm sure ill be back next year. It's a great environment and people are so nice. I adore fashion.”

Briana, 9th grade, said...
“I have been sketching since I was in 4th grade. Fashion is my way of life, it is my plan, and the only plan I have. Being in this class has helped me so very much. Ms. Padilla's skills and kindness has helped me so much. Fashion starts from inspiration, so you can always be sure to steal ideas and get inspired! Thanks for everything Ms. Padilla! :)”

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