Meet the Interns

About the 2008 Interns:

Adrienne Escalante Clark studies fashion design at the University of North Texas. Adrienne recently traveled to New York City for inspiration. Her preferences are watercolor. Mixing patterns is her design signature style. She loves all facets of design and when she's not sketching or sewing, you can find her reading, attending concerts and museums, enjoying Mexican and Thai food, hanging out with family and trying new things.

Nirada Phyakul Award winning University of North Texas graduate has been drawing and painting since the age of three. Besides drawing and working in watercolor, her hobbies include watching TV shows, crocheting, and reading books.

LaKindra Hawkins of Longview, Texas, graduates from attends the University of North Texas May 2008 (yay)! She is majoring in fashion design with a minor in merchandising with plans land a job in the industry that includes travel. The ultimate goal is a custom design shop that promotes individuality, purity, modesty, and caters to every woman on a personal level, helping her to understand how fearfully and beautiful she is made, no matter her body type!

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