Meet the Intern: Erica Pflughoft 2010

Erica Pflughoft ( is a student at the University of North Texas currently pursuing her Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts in Fashion Design. The Fashion Design program at UNT is the best in the south and covers a wide range of skills needed in the industry such as flat pattern making, draping, sketching, illustration, sewing, computer illustration, and computer pattern making. Erica is about to begin her senior year in the program and will be designing and producing a senior collection next spring.

Prior to coming to UNT, Erica designed and produced all of her Homecoming and Prom dress as well as some Halloween costumes during her Sophomore, Junior, and Senior year in high school. Fashion Design has been a passion of Erica's since the 6th grade and she is excited to see where the industry takes her after graduation!

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