Workshop-Fashion Sketching - The Oh So Fabulous 50s!

Fashion Sketching - The Oh So Fabulous 50s!
Southern Methodist University Informal Courses 
Dallas, TX.

A survey of '50s style! From Chanel's boxy, collarless suit to yards and yards of ala Balenciaga gowns. From capes and mink stoles (gasp!) to the A-line and heavy eye liner. And don't forget nylons, girdles, gloves, brooches and bee hives! No design or art talent needed in this course which looks back - fondly! at a glamorous time. Advancing students and beginners alike can sketch from instructor supplied templates and references or strike out on their own impressions of styles from the '50s!

Past Fashion Sketching Workshops:
2011 - SMU, Dallas, TX.(4) Wed, 6:30–8:30 PM.Feb 16 - Mar 9.


  1. Looks so interesting =) I wish I am anywhere near Dallas

  2. Anonymous12:43

    K, I dink 4 all da gurls out dere dat if u luve designin den go ahead n follow yall dreams cause I know I am go ahead go n do it!