Fashion Sketching & Design


You'll need pages and pages of fashion visual 'inspiration,' so begin a collection now. Tear out pages (or make color copies of the pages) from your fav fashion catalogs and magazines. Your neighborhood library will let you check out piles of back issues...make copies. Have friends, neighbors, professional offices save back issues for you. You'll need:

· Full page close-ups of fabulous fashion faces. (Cosmetic ads are best for this).
· Full page images of fashion models striking great poses.
· Images of cool garments.
· Images of accessories like hats, shoes, bags.

Not fuzzy little photos taken by the paparazzi of your favorite stars. That’s not a fashion photo.

To learn how to see clothing’s details you will need images taken by fashion photographers. These you will find in magazines such as Vogue, Elle; trade magazines; or fine department store catalogs sent out by the likes Neiman’s, Nordstrom’s, etc.

Note: Fashion is not a skin color, a gender, nor a dress size. Your photo collection should reflect your understanding of this.

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