Meet the Intern: Arielle Antwine 2011

Bonjour! Je m'appelle Arielle Antwine. I'm currently a Junior studying fashion design at the University of North Texas in Denton.Those who know me describe me as confident, intelligent, and goofy. I absolutely adore all things French...couldn't you tell? In fact, I love French so much that it's my minor at UNT. I have a knack for designing costumes and evening wear. My favorite thing to do is fashion illustration.When I'm not hard
at work designing, I'm most-likely listening to new music, at a concert or the movies with friends, or painting.
Ms. Padilla's summer Fashion Camp is a great experience because I get to lend my current knowledge to bright youngsters that are willing to apply it later; making what they learn at age 10, what I have learned at age 20. To intern at this SMU camp is a truly rewarding and unique experience for me as well as the fashion campers; one that I wish I would've had as a young fashionista.

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