Meet the Intern: Eva Wilson 2012

Hello, everyone! My name is Eva Wilson, and I am a recent graduate of Northwestern State University of Louisiana with a BFA in Studio Art. I'm from Sugar Land, TX, and I love the big city and I love shopping. 

I have always enjoyed drawing and sketching clothes, and have always enjoyed Fashion deeply. When I discovered that there was an industry for Fashion Sketching and Illustration, I was hooked. Now, I'm working harder than ever to follow my dream. 

One such step is helping out young women here, at the SMU Summer Youth Program. Ms. Padilla is a wonderful lady who is always there to help, teach, and guide. I hope that every girl that leaves this program will learn to love drawing, art, and fashion even more, knowing that they have a place in the industry as long as they follow their dreams and their hearts.

While here, I've been doing some sketching of my own. The girls have been learning about using a Croquis, or a rough sketch. Templates for clothes are very important for fashion sketching, and I've been learning just how useful they can be:

I hope everyone has a wonderful summer!! 
My only advice would be this: 
Be true to yourself and you will always look amazing, no matter what size you are!
If you would like a commission, or simply want to see more of my Fashion Illustrations, you can find them at my website here: http://evawilsonart.com