Testimonials-Sewing Studio

"At the start of the week I had no idea how to use a machine, but now I can thread it! We got to choose what we want to with the fabric and patterns. I enjoyed making my tunic and making new friends. I am definitely coming next year!"--Estefania, 6th grade

"At the beginning of this class I couldn't even turn on a sewing machine. Now I can do the basics and even more! I'm so excited every morning to get to to class and I'm really sad the week is over! I will definitely do this class next year!"--Caitlin, 6th grade

"I took this class for my love of sewing. I learned many things such as using patterns. I learned how to cut patterns to the appropriate size and how long it takes. Also, I now understand my machine. Thirdly, I learned that patterns make a mess! I had a blast in this class!"--Maddy, 6th grade

"When I took this class I had only had my machine for one month and barely knew how to use it. In one week I learned how to use it. In one week i learned more about sewing than I thought was possible. I LOVED IT! I would recommend this class to anyone with an interest in sewing beginner or expert." -Allison, 6th grade.

"Soooo much fun, we didn't even want to leave class for the last break!"

"This class had been the first time I had ever used a sewing machine. In one week I have gone from a beginner to an advanced sewer. I still can't believe that I actually made a bag! It was so much fun. I hope I can come back next year! - Gwyneth

"This class was super intense. We learned a lot of useful things for future sewing projects! Very helpful. -Natalie

"This class was really helpful because we learned tons of fun and very useful techniques while making awesome projects! - Shivani

"This class was very fun. I have definitely gone up at least one level in my sewing, and by the end of the class, it really helped me learn about the fashion biz. There's a bunch of laughs and fun! SIGN UP! -Hayley

"I liked it so much I didn't want to stop and go on our breaks and lunch!" -Abby

"This class showed what being in the fashion business would be like. They taught us a lot of useful techniques about sewing. I really enjoyed this class. I would recommend it to people who like to sew, or who would like to learn how. Also, our teachers were very nice and helpful! -Halle

"I did like the camp, it was fun and kept me very busy. It wasn't a blow-off monkey business. I loved it! Especially the final project! I will most likely take this class again! I recommend it for people interested in the fashion business!" -Ryan
"I love this class! I've never been to a class that I would be SURE of coming back next summer. All the teachers were really helpful and guided me through every step in the pattern. I learned how to iron, use a sewing machine, hand stitch, rip a seam, sew a hem and think through a process! I even learned things that would help me with future patterns. We even are ending the week with a hippie party! My tunic is gonna turn out great! Peace out!"-- Avy, 7th grade

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