Supplies & Materials - Sewing

Supplies & Materials Check List
Sewing: Complete Beginner

Project patterns/fabrics - Dont buy. I provide those. 

The following is a basic sewing kit every student of sewing should have. Please bring in:

o Sewing machine - A very basic (all you’ll need) machine can be found at Walmart/Target - type retailers $100’ish or under. Call first, as all locations will not have a fabric dept/sewing machines. You are welcome to leave it in the classroom for the week ....classroom door locked every afternoon at day’s end. PLEASE include the sewing machines power cord & foot peddle, and it’s manual.
o Sewing machine bobbin case + 4 extra bobbins.
o Sewing machine needles - Size #11- #14.
o (2) Scissors - 1 for paper/1for fabric.
For fabric cutting - Sharp [not the same ones you have used for cutting paper, those will be too dull for fabric]. ‘Dollar store’- type scissors, when new & sharp, are good.
For paper cutting - Any old pair of children’s scissors will do.
o Pin cushion.
o Iron and ironing board - For every 4 students, it’s good to have an ironing station. If you can bring yours in...please do.
o Storage Box-Large lidded box/plastic storage container or similar to keep sewing projects stored in during camp.

Mark/code/label all of your items, big and small. So many campers will have the exact stuff .

Note: Do check to make sure your sewing machine is running/working. Run a scrap of fabric through, then inspect both the top and bottom stitches. (Although I have sewn with the many machines brought into class over the years, I am not qualified to diagnose or repair one). Avoid the disappointment of a camper seated at a machine that just isn’t working up to par. Note: Machine age/price is of no significance. I still own and use my low budget high school sewing machine.

Ms Padilla, sewing arts workshops across TX, NM, CO, CT, MA, MO, KS, Canada, Central America, Internationally.