Testimonials-Fashion Sketching & Design

2012 Testimonials: Fashion Sketching & Design 

"I loved this camp! their is so many things to do in this class and so many different ways too. this camp has allowed me to feel like a real designer. I will definitely come back next year!" -- Hannah H. 11

"I had a really Great time in this class. I learned so much. Getting the chance to learn at a University level is not something you get to do everyday. I loved getting to make clothings and put them on a croquis (cro-key)." -- Shadae W. 12

"I made friends with like, everyone, and I enjoyed this class because I got to talk to people I had things in common with." -- Emmalee C. 12

"I came to fashion sketch camp with no clue how to draw and now I could probably draw a figure in just a few seconds. It was fun the whole time and they made it so you always knew what to do. I am definitely wanting to come back next year!" -- Allison L. 13

"I would have to say that fashion camp was fun because of 2 main things 1) we got to express ourselves through fashion and 2) every one understood me because we had so many things in common. I would definitely take this class again! =D" -- Selin Y. 11

"This was a really fun class. I had a great time making outfits. I made a lot of friends. I would definitely take this class again." -- Lauren D. 13

"This camp was awesome! I made alot of new friends and learned lots of new things. I would like to come back next year!" -- Sydney R. 12

"I really like this camp! It was really fun to draw and I loved the books we made. I made lots of friends too! I hope I can come back next year." -- Geli K. 12

"This was a great class, it was my first year doing fashion sketching/fashion design. I made alot of new friends I hope to come back next year!" -- Madison W. 12

"This class was awesome! I had fun sketching fashion and learned a lot! I think everyone wants to come back next year!" -- Kinsey C. 12

"I love this class. It is so much fun. I love getting to sketch clothes on crokes [sp] and putting them in a collection." -- Elena Z. 10

"This was my second year doing fashion sketching/fashion design and it was just as fun as last year! I made a ton of new friends and learned a bunch of new stuff. I love fashion, so it was awesome to come and draw it everyday! The only thing I didn't like about it was that it was too short. I wish it was for a month! Next year, I am hoping to come back for a 3rd time!" -- Elena E. 12

2011 Testimonials: Fashion Design -Tween

"This week was the best fashion design class I have never done. I have never done a fashion design class and I am definitely coming back."--Estefania, 6th grade

"I loved this class, it was so much fun and really instructional. I hope I can come back."--Gabi, 5th grade

"This class is sooo much fun, I really think I improved in fashion, I highly recommend this class."--Emma, 6th grade

"If you're bored, try this awesome fashion design class because you're never bored."--Natalie, 6th grade

"This is an awesome class! I loved it! I made so many memories and such great friends. I will definitely sign up next year."--Elena, 6th grade

The full unedited, uncut  feedback in students own words.

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