Workshop-Fashion Design: Teen/Tween

Interested in fashion and now want to try sketching your own designs? Advanced or returning students to Ms Padilla's fashion camps sketch up a ‘tween or teen clothing and accessories line of full color drawings, including swatches and trims, color names, photo inspiration and textile designs and renderings.

Make a trend board plastered with images to inspire. (So begin right now  a ‘swipe file’ stash of teen/tween or youth images pulled from fashion mags and retail store catalogs). 

Since fashion changes constantly as well as seasonally, students repeat this renowned fashion camp year after year after year re-uniting with old friends and making new ones.

A list of supplies will be provided upon registration.

Note: Not a sewing class.

Past Fashion Design Camps:
SMU Summer Youth . 
2011 Fashion Design Teen (5) Days Mon-Fri, 9-4pm, July 
2011 Fashion Design Tween (5) Days Mon-Fri, 9-4pm, July 


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    do you have a website I can check out?

  2. Thanks for your interest. The blog platform here took the place of the old website. : )