Testimonials-Studio Arts

“Sweetness! Learn new, cool, sweet techniques!”-Rachel

“I thought that the class was going to be really boring but it turned out to be really great!”-Allison, 7th grade

“This class has been very enjoyable! I enjoyed the new techniques!"

"Liked it!"- Jeremy, 7th grade

"Wonderful, Explicit, Superb, Extravagant, Amazing, Marvelous, Stupendous…etc.”- Dylan, 7th grade

“In this class I learned amazing techniques that really helped me create great works of art.”- Anika, 7th grade

“I liked this class a lot and I think that I learned a lot. My favorite parts were the sponging and glazing. I loved this class.”

“I thought that the class was…exciting, and new!!”-Rachel, 5th grade

“My art should succeed once more. Acrylics are cool!”-Avy, 5th grade

“In this class, I learned a lot of things about painting that I didn’t know before. I had a lot of fun during it and the time flew by. Please take this class, it is very Fabulous! If you enjoy painting, you will love it!”-Halle, 8th grade